T-PAK 550-2 - Bag Compression and Bag Sealing System

Product Description

The T-PAK 550-2 bag compression and sealing system is a high quality system for increasing bag handling and sealing output. The conveyor belt is 18" wide and 16' long. The combination of a heavy duty conveyor system with a full width compression belt and the band or hot air Supersealer platform, makes this an unchallenged heat sealing system, superior in performance and speed with low maintenance cost for various applications. 

Our satisfied customers include the producers in the scallion/Asparagus, produce, bell pepper, poultry, meat, tortilla, bakery and textile industry.

All the sealers are available in right to left or left to right configurations and wash down versions with various options. 

It runs on 110 or 220 volt, and can be plugged into any wall socket.

It is CE marked.

Washdown version - IP65 or IP69K Rated Washdown Bag Sealers  An IP65 rating sealer can be washed down with a garden hose.

Our IP69K Sealer or system can handle the demands of aggressive washdown.

Our washdown bag sealers are ideal solutions for clean-room packaging environments and packagers that require strict cleaning standards. Our stainless steel and IP65 rated bag sealers are trusted worldwide by bakery, seafood, chicken, meat, produce, agricultural, and other manufacturers that require frequent cleaning of their packaging equipment.

Technical Specifications

  • Bag Size Range:
    All bag sizes

    Standard Features:
    Product placement on the main conveyor is aided by a back guide and bag top guide

    Variable to match Supersealer

    Machine Handling:
    Right to left or left to right

    110 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 10 Amp or
    220 VAC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz, 7 Amp to requirement
    CE components

    Not required for standard configuration
    Required for optional jet flow trim remove

    Belt Length:
    10’ or 3 meters. Other sizes on request

    Belt Width:
    16”/406mm or 18”/457mm. Other sizes on request

Features and Benefits

  • Supersealer Bag Sealer:
    Superior performance for many years

    Automatic Bag Presentation:
    Optimum seal quality and aesthetics

    Full Compression Belt:
    Removes excess air from the bags

    Modular Design with Individual Frames on Wheels:
    Mobility and easy access for maintenance

    Stainless Steel Construction Optional:
    Ideal for use in food processing plants and harsh environments


  • Bag Top Trimmers and Trim Remover:
    Two Styles: Rotary blade or stationary blade, meeting all application requirements.
    Uses a powered rotary cutting wheel to cleanly trim off the excess bag top prior to sealing the bag.

    Bag Jet Flow Trim Remover:
    3” or 76mm
    5” or 127mm
    Sucks the trim from the Bag Top Trimmer into a mesh bag by a Venturi Jet Flow.

    Automatic Infeed Device:
    T PAK Infeed into Supersealer for High Speed Conveyor Systems.
    Creates a smooth automatic transaction into the Supersealer for High-Speed Conveyor Systems.

    Bag Fillers and Bag Loaders:
    OKI works with their partners who manufacturer scales, augers, and robotics and automatic bag loaders to create a seamless packing line.

    Bag coders and Printers:
    Emboss coder or ink roll coder. Up to two lines
    All other coders on the market can be mounted and integrated with the Supersealer.

    Washdown Sealer and Corrosive Washdown:
    Upgrades for all kinds of environments and applications.
    Available in IP65 and IP69K.