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Our commitment to our customers has always been what set us apart from others when it comes to our sealers. We take seal integrity and packaging performance personally. Your results and our reputation depend on it. Our team works closely with you to deliver the right OK Sealer for your unique sealer needs and ensure it performs at the highest level. That’s why our sealers are truly designed to the core to meet your application, and along with ease of maintenance provided by our simplistic design, you can easily maintain your sealer. We build them with pride using high quality components that provide years of 24/7 service. We meet or exceed industry standards for quality and safety all without breaking the bank. The choice for bag sealing solutions has never been more certain.

OK Sealer, USA

OK Sealer Marlboro, MA

Through our position today as a global leader in continuous rotary hot air and band sealers, the OK Sealer legacy has always been one built upon innovation, quality, technical expertise, customer focus, and a commitment to excellence

Founded in 1982 by Owen Kellett, Sr., OKI today is a leading global manufacturer of integrated Packaging Automation Systems. With his daughter, Ann Marie Kellett and his two sons, Owen Kellett Jr. and Stephen Kellett, this family run business has extended its expectations. With almost 40 years of experience, thousands of machines in service, and geographic reach to over 60 countries, OKI is the proven worldwide leader in complete Bulk Packaging Systems and Continuous Heat-Sealing Bag technology. 

The OK Sealer Division has grown over the last 40 years. “Our sealers are something we take vast pride and joy in as we deliver the performance, service and quality to our customers” says Ann Marie Kellett, President of OK International Group. “My father instilled in us that the OK (Owen Kellett) name was more than a business logo, it’s our signature on every machine we build.”  

Every OKI bag sealer’s component is designed with longevity, reliability and simplicity as its top priorities. In order to assure that the machinery remains consistent from design to assembly, all engineering and manufacturing is done in house. The engineers are constantly evaluating new technology. With new availability of efficient, mechanical and electrical components, improvements are continuously incorporated.

OK Packaging Systems, The Netherlands

OK Packaging Systems BV, Lisse, the NetherlandsFloraco BV was founded in the 1960’s by Mr. Joseph (Joop) Smidt. He hired a team of young engineers to design and manufacture a number of products, initially for the agricultural industry, later also in plastics, printing and packaging. The company expanded quickly because of the many innovative products and various patents. 

In the early 1970’s they developed the first semi automatic case taper for self adhesive tape in the world, together with Supertape BV, a tape manufacturer in Etten Leur. These machines were initially mostly sold throughout the Benelux, but after continued improvements and innovations the sales expanded throughout Europe, North America and Asia. In 1979 a joint venture with Supertape was created for the sales and marketing of the packaging equipment. Automatic case erectors, packers and tapers were added to the product line and the company expanded further into automation projects and packaging systems. 

Upon the passing of the founder, the company was purchased in 1985 by the parent company of Supertape, Royal Schut NV. The company mostly continued to sell the packaging machinery that were relevant to their business units. In 1999 the company was acquired by Owen Kellett, the owner of OK International Corp., Marlborough, U.S.A., and was renamed OK Packaging Systems BV. 

The company is still operating in their original location in Lisse, a former bulb packing facility, which was expanded and modernized several times throughout its existence. It is located a couple of miles from the Keukenhof flower gardens, one of the largest tourist attractions in the Netherlands.


OK International (Europe) Ltd, Stanton, United Kingdom

OK International (Europe) Ltd, Stanton, United KingdomTestar Ltd. was founded in 1982 by four engineers and managers from an automation company in historic Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. They started the design and manufacturing of various conveying, material handling and packaging solutions. A partnership was formed with the Dutch companies Floraco and Supertape for the representation of their products in the U.K. 

One of the developments was to automatically place plastic bags into shipping cases and cuff these over the edges, before filling these with various products, as a cost effective and leak proof alternative to wax and polyethylene coated cases, which could not be recycled.

These polybag-in-box machines became a successful product throughout Europe for manufacturers of shortening and margarine, hamburgers, meats, poultry, bakery goods, plastics, vegetables, fish, powders, chemicals, etc. 

Bag uncuffer folders and sealers were added to the product line and in combination with the case erectors and case sealers from Floraco, complete polybag-in-box systems could be offered. 

In 1990 Owen Kellett, the owner of OK International Corp., took a shareholding in the company to obtain access to these machines to supplement his business. After the successful introduction of a new poly-bag-in box machine developed for the U.S. market he purchased the company in 1993 and renamed it OK International (Europe) Ltd. 

The company factory is in an upgraded T2 hanger on former RAF Shepherds Grove, now Shepherds Grove Industrial Estate - West in Stanton, Suffolk, U.K.


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