We offer horizontal and vertical sealing systems in standalone and custom configurations for a wide range of specialty and high-speed applications. Our band sealing or hot air systems provide outstanding performance for products of nearly any weight, size, and type, including stand-up, gusseted, pillow, wicket, and zippered bags. 

Please see below the most common and recommended OK Sealers for the textile industry. 

Supersealer SS1 - Rotary Hot Air Sealer

The Supersealer SS1 Hot Air Sealers utilizes hot air to continuously seal a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency. The advanced airflow, sophisticated controls, and rugged painted construction ensures continuous uptime performance in all applications.

Supersealer SB10 - Rotary Band Sealer

The Supersealer SB10 utilizes teflon bands to continuously seal a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency. They are available in painted or stainless steel versions.

T-PAK 500

OK Sealer offers a variety of semi-automatic bagging systems that offer you a reliable and versatile bag sealing experience.

T-PAK 550 Bag Compression and Bag Sealing System

The T-PAK 550 bagging system, is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam or blue FDA cleat compression belt. The bag with the product comes down the conveyor belt and the foam or cleat compression belt will take the air out of the bag without harming the product.

T-PAK 750 High Speed Automatic Bag Sealing System

Our T-PAK 750 is our high speed semi-automatic bagging system. It is designed for automatically sealing bags coming down a packing line or off an automatic bagging machine.