Medical Devices & Supplies

Medical supplies

The OK medical sealers are used primarily by medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dental, and many food manufacturers to validate, consistent seal integrity.

Our OK Medical Sealers are fully validatable/calibratable and continuously seals a wide range of medical pouches including plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, Pet, Coated Tyvek, Paper and Plastic, Laminated Foil and Metalized Foil Pouches. 

Meeting: ANSI/AAMI/ASTM, ISO 11607-2, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and EN 868 standards for compliance.   

Please see below the most common and recommended OK Sealers for the medical device industry. 

Supersealer MBS20 - Rotary Medical Band Sealer

The Supersealer MBS20 medical sealer, is a continuous rotary band sealer designed to meet FDA guidelines for the 
medial packaging industry. It can seal a wide range of medical packaging materials including Poly/Poly, Tyvek,